O Venture Hook-Me-Up
O Venture Hook-Me-Up
O Venture Hook-Me-Up

O Venture Hook-Me-Up

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The Hook-Me- Up is cute, convenient, and efficient… just how we like it! No matter the size and shape of your phone case, it can be easily converted into a Big O Key Ring add-on with The Hook-Me-Up. Just peel it, stick it, clip it and you’ve got a hands-free life. It’s so quick, it’s so easy - who wouldn’t love The Hook-me-Up?

Available in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.

Please Note: Chains, Phone case and Big O Key Ring are not included with The Hook-Me-Up.

  • Hands-Free - The Hook-Me-Up has an included split ring that can be attached to a Big O Key Ring locking clasp for instant hands-free simplicity.
  • One-Size-Fits-All - It doesn’t matter what size phone case you have, The Hook-Me-Up is 2.25in wide and 1.5in tall so it’s compatible with every case and smartphone.
  • Durable - The Hook-Up has a reinforced grommet design and strong adhesive backing so you can peel it, stick it, clip it, and not have to worry about it losing connection with your Big O Key Ring.
  • Charger-Friendly - The Hook-Me-Up has a super slim profile, so you can easily charge your phone with a wireless charging pad or plug-in charger at the same time. In most cases, The Hook-Me-Up is not compatible with upright wireless charging stands (charging dock).
  • Gift Ready - You can easily give The Hook-Me-Up to anyone to upgrade their smartphone situation - each one is individually packaged with an instruction manual.